Building traffic from 2nd tier SEO

12 / 100 SEO Score

The SEO rank building we do here involves a continuous cycle of site creation and submission, from a pool of secondary websites, geared around sending traffic to a set of target domains.  The method employed ensures that the target domains are not included in any submissions that might accidentally be classed as spam (the target domains are submitted to known directories, social bookmaking sites, and social networks).

However, we do not apply the same rules to the secondary sites in the pool (this includes sites hosted on public services such as blogger and We aren’t interested in having our secondary sites feature in the search results (but when they do, those sites are ready to convert the traffic). The power of second tier SEO is in building inbound links to your target sites which increases your chances in ranking for any particular keywords.

The difference in this type of link-building is that we have total control over the pages containing the outbound links (2nd tier sites). We don’t mind if some pages on our 2nd tier are de-listed, so long as the domain landing page is being crawled regularly. The outbound links are always featured on the main page of our secondary sites, and also on several other places too. This ensures that the links are indexed as quickly as possible.

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