Not Making Enough Money Online?

“You’re Not Making Enough Money Online Because WHAT’S HOT In The Internet Marketing World Changes Every Month & You Don’t Have The Time, The Research Or The Patience To Keep ‘Googling’ For Advice…”

And Anyway… How Would You Know Which Bit Of Advice Actually Works The Best?

Dear Internet Marketer,

If you are reading this, then you know that it’s true.

If you’re a serious Internet Marketer then you value your time.

Everybody knows that time is money and free time is sacred.

In order to be effective, (without being online 24/7), you NEED to stay updated with the current and future trends and changes of the online marketing world, otherwise you’ll not have a clue on how to make, and keep making money in this way consistently.

With every new strategy you miss, it’s a sale you don’t get… and it is that simple.

You’ll get left behind in this faced paced world.

On that note, if you want to actually make any money worth talking about, you need to know what’s hot and what’s not, without spending all day researching and figuring it out yourself, like you used to have to do.

Why am I fed up with you using this method of Internet Marketing?

Because it’s such a backward approach in such modern times!

You deserve better!

Any information you get should be faster, more accessible and of the best quality. None of this messing about, looking for ideas, proper tools or templates (or process models) you can use, only to be disappointed.

In my early days, before I understood this stuff, I was signing up to fifty different things because I didn’t know where I could find it all in one place. I was completely overwhelmed.

I needed to solve this messy and scattered time-waster of a problem…fast.


The Solution Needed To Be This:

One Place Where You Could Access All Of The Best Hacks, Tips & Updates As They Happen

But Delivered Straight To You.

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3 Powerful and Surprising Goal Getting Tips You Missed

I once heard a famous motivational and sales speaker tell the story of someone who set some goals.

It seems he wrote down all of his great big goals like getting a super high paying job, traveling the world, starting a non-profit foundation and so forth, folded up the paper and put it in a drawer.

Then he forgot all about those goals and went about his life.

Fast forward three years, and he’s moving into his new house. Packing up that drawer, he finds the goal list he wrote out, and realizes he has accomplished every single goal on that list, including buying a mansion.

Yeah. Right.

And then a leprechaun jumped out of the drawer and handed him a magic genie lamp, and he made three wishes and married the fairy princess.

As you might have guessed, I’m not buying that story. Are you?

You can’t simply write down your goals, forget about them and then have them magically happen. If only you could.

But there are things you can do to help you achieve your goals and New Year’s resolutions – things I’ll bet NO ONE has told you about.

Things that can give you the life you want, if you embrace them.

Things that… well… might just set your goal getting abilities on fire.

Let’s get started:

Goal Getting Tip #1: What kind of PAIN do you want to have?

Focusing on what you want usually isn’t going to work unless you also consider what kind of pain you want to have.

Everyone wants a rock hard body and a few million dollars in the bank. But are you willing to go through the pain it costs to get those things?

THAT is the question.

An art fan tells a great artist that she should do ANYTHING to paint like he does.

To which the artist replies, “If that were so, then you would already be painting like me. I’ve painted every single day since I was seven years old. I painted when my friends were outside playing. In high school, I painted when my friends were going to dances and playing sports. In college, I painted instead of dating. I’ve taken art courses and studied art until I know more than most of my professors. I’ve traveled the world to sit at the feet of great painters and observe their process. I’ve given everything I have to be a great painter. And if you really wanted to be like me, you would have done the same.”


That artist paid a very big price for achieving his goal.

Goal setting and goal getting isn’t just about choosing the rewards you want like you’re a kid in the candy shop with mom’s credit card. It’s also about deciding on what cost you are willing to pay to achieve those rewards.

What pain are you willing to go through to achieve your goals?

What you willing to do?

What will you sacrifice?

What regiment, training, practice schedule and so forth will you commit to doing every day until you succeed?

When you decide this in advance, you multiply the odds of achieving your goal by ten-fold.

Goal Getting Tip #2: The Secret Ingredient

I want to be a medical doctor.”

Okay, that’s your goal. But what do you do to achieve that goal? Writing it down and stuffing it into a drawer won’t make it happen.

You need systems in place to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

For the would-be doctor, she needs systems to apply to and get accepted at medical schools. She needs a system in place to pay for the school. She needs another system to make sure she studies, and so forth.

For a pianist, his goal is to give concerts to millions of people. But his system is to practice each day of his life.

For a coach, her goal is to win the championship. But the system is the practices she puts her players through each day.

For an entrepreneur, the goal is to build a profitable business and sell it. But the system is the sales and marketing process that brings in the customers, as well as the system for delivering the products or services.

Without systems in place to reach your goals, you won’t get there.

That’s because it’s the system and not the goal itself that achieves the results you want.

First, you choose your goal based on both what you want and what pain you are willing to endure to get that goal.

Then you choose the system you’re going to use to achieve that goal.

Goal Getting Tip #3: Goal Assassination

You’ve made your goals and now you’ve got a list - the kind of list a kid might send to Santa Clause - so what’s the delay? Why aren’t you achieving your goals?

Maybe you’re got too many of them. The more goals you have, the less likely it is that you will achieve any one of them. That’s because they’re all competing for your time and attention, and you simply don’t have enough of either one to simultaneously achieve every goal on your list.

Imagine you’re growing roses. On one rose bush, there are a hundred rosebuds. But on the other rose bush, you snip off every single bud except for one.

Which rose flower will be the biggest? The one by itself, of course. And that’s because it gets all of the energy and food the plant can provide, instead of having to share it with a hundred other flowers.

Your goals are all competing for your time and energy.

That’s why you’ve got to ruthlessly eliminate your lesser goals, at least until you achieve your biggest goal.

The more time and energy you can put into your #1 goal, the faster you can achieve it. And once you do, then you can focus on the next goal, and then the next, and so forth.

The exception: If a secondary goal directly supports your primary goal, then it can be best to pursue both at once.

For example, you want to build a business. It’s going to be a lot easier to make good decisions and work hard if you get enough exercise and eat right.

Exercise and proper eating support your goal of building a business, so don’t wait until the business is built to get in shape. Start exercising and eating healthy right away, so you have what it takes to build that business and live the good life.

I know the motivational gurus want you to think getting your goals is easy, but usually it’s not. It takes work. Sacrifice. Pain. Focus. Perseverance. And tenacity. But knowing this from the start means you’re forewarned and forearmed to get the job done.

And once you achieve your first big goal, you just might find you’re addicted to the process.

Guaranteed, the second goal will be easier than the first, because now you’ll know what it takes.

The New Year is upon us. 12 months from now, you can either look back and wish you had achieved that big goal, or look back and be thrilled that you did.

The choice is yours.

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List Building Money Making Machines, Part II

How to Create a Squeeze Page that Converts Like Crazy

Last month we covered how to create the perfect lead magnet that expertly targets your ideal audience and makes them want to join your list.

This month we’re going to cover how to create the landing page or squeeze page where you send your visitors, so they can sign up and get the lead magnet.

After all, even if you create the hottest, greatest, most magnificent lead magnet ever, it won’t mean a thing if your squeeze page scares people away.

Next month we’ll cover how to get as much traffic as you want from Facebook.

Because once you have learned all three of these skills, you can literally go into any market and create a list building machine in just days.

Better still, you can take it one step further and build a complete product funnel behind your lead magnet, offering a tripwire (low ticket) offer, followed by your main offer, followed by a big ticket item.

In fact we are going to cover all of that in month 4 of this series.

So let’s start at the beginning…

What is a Landing or Squeeze Page?

You know how when you click on a link to get a free book, and you end up on a page that tells you how great the book is, and it gives you a form to enter your email address to get the book?

That’s an example of a landing page, and more specifically, a squeeze page. The reason it’s called a “squeeze” page is because it “squeezes” the visitor into opting in to your list, since there is no other option on the page.

Sales letters and video sales letters can also be used as landing pages. The visitor clicks a link to check out the product and lands on a sales page.

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All rights reserved worldwide. Extraction of images from this publication and/or any other use of them is strictly prohibited.

List Building Money Making Machines, Part II

How to Create a Squeeze Page that Converts Like Crazy



Last month we covered how to create the perfect lead magnet that expertly targets your ideal audience and makes them want to join your list.

This month we’re going to cover how to create the landing page or squeeze page where you send your visitors, so they can sign up and get the lead magnet.

After all, even if you create the hottest, greatest, most magnificent lead magnet ever, it won’t mean a thing if your squeeze page scares people away.

Next month we’ll cover how to get as much traffic as you want from Facebook.

Because once you have learned all three of these skills, you can literally go into any market and create a list building machine in just days.

Better still, you can take it one step further and build a complete product funnel behind your lead magnet, offering a tripwire (low ticket) offer, followed by your main offer, followed by a big ticket item.

In fact we are going to cover all of that in month 4 of this series.

So let’s start at the beginning…

What is a Landing or Squeeze Page?

You know how when you click on a link to get a free book, and you end up on a page that tells you how great the book is, and it gives you a form to enter your email address to get the book?

That’s an example of a landing page, and more specifically, a squeeze page. The reason it’s called a “squeeze” page is because it “squeezes” the visitor into opting in to your list, since there is no other option on the page.

Sales letters and video sales letters can also be used as landing pages. The visitor clicks a link to check out the product and lands on a sales page.


Today for the purpose of creating a list building machine, we’re going to spend our time on making a squeeze page.

And not just any old squeeze page, either, but one that converts like crazy.

Think about this: You build a squeeze page and send 200 visitors to it per day, every day, like clockwork.

Now, you were in a hurry when you built the squeeze page. You cut a couple of corners, didn’t spend much time on your copy and basically just threw the thing together.

And it’s converting at a respectable 30%. So in the course of 30 days, you get 1800 new subscribers. Not bad!

But what if you’d invested a little more time and effort, and got that conversion rate up to 40%? Now you’re getting 2400 new subscribers a month for the exact same effort.

And if you get that page converting at 50%? Now we’re talking 3,000 new subscribers per month.

Do you see why it’s important to get your squeeze page just right? The more subscribers you get, the more money you can make.

Plus, once you get an offer in place to monetize your list building efforts, you’ll be able to make more sales on a squeeze page that converts higher.

This means you can spend more money to get new subscribers, which means you can build your list even FASTER.

I see marketers throw up squeeze pages like there’s nothing to it. And they’re right, it’s easy to put a squeeze page up. But it takes talent, skill and testing to create a squeeze page that converts really well.

One thing – don’t get hung up on how well your page ‘should’ convert. Every niche is different. Every offer is different. There are many variables that affect how well your page converts, not the least of which is quality.

For example, what would you rather have – 10,000 random people on your list? Or 1,000 highly targeted people who want exactly what you offer? You get the idea.

Let’s get started on building that squeeze page:

Golden Rule of Squeeze Pages – Don’t distract your visitor. Ever. For any reason. If your squeeze page is going to convert, then you’ve got to make it laser focused on that one single conversion behavior.

One page. One offer. No distractions. No exit links, no sidebars, no headers, no footers…

Your goal is to create a compelling landing page with great copy and an irresistible offer. Appearance is important, but your offer is crucial. It’s better to have an ugly page with great copy and a great offer, than a super slick page with lousy copy and a boring offer.

You’ll need…

  • A Headline – what is it that you’re giving away?

  • A Sub-headline – what does your lead magnet DO?

  • 3-4 bullets – build curiosity

  • An Image of the Lead Magnet – make it GOOD

  • The “Download Now” button

Want a super-fast shortcut? Use a template in Lead Pages or Optimize Press.

We’re not going to get into the mechanics of building the page itself, but rather, we’re going to focus on your copy.

If you feel completely overwhelmed by the mechanics of page building, then don’t do it. Seriously. Hire someone to put up your page for you. It won’t cost much, and you won’t have to worry about learning how to do it.

Or if you want to learn, then go to YouTube and search for videos that tell you step by step how to build your squeeze page.

The important things is DO NOT GET HUNG UP ON TECHNICAL STUFF.

Ever. Either learn it or outsource it, but don’t let the technical details slow you down or deter you for a second.

Example Squeeze Page Copy

Let’s look at example copy from a Digital Marketer Lab squeeze page:



  • The 11 Word Ad That Netted $208,485 in Sales Using One Simple Principle of Buyer Persuasion (This Formula Works In Any Market)

  • The “You Forgot” Reminder Trick That Brings In Tons Of New Customers and Leads, Even After They’ve Already Said No to Your Offer (We Use This One Over And Over, and You Should, Too)

  • The “Use ___?” Question Formula That Drive Down Click Costs and Sharply Increases Conversions. (Just Fill In The Blank And Watch Your Clicks Soar And Costs Plummet)

  • Plus… We’ll Reveal Out Top 3 Facebook Ads That Generated a Combined 110,422 Leads For Just $1.76 A Piece (And How We Made Our Money Back Quickly)

Notice the headline tells you what it is. The sub-headline lets you know what you can do with it. And the bullets add fuel to the fire, building curiosity and desire in the reader.

Squeeze Page Tips and Secrets

Let’s cover some techniques that can move your own squeeze page from mediocrity to email lead gathering MACHINE:

Social Proof: For those who need a slightly bigger push to grab your lead magnet, consider adding social proof below the fold. This could be testimonials from readers or customers, or even a quote from a well-known person in your niche that praises your lead magnet.

Frankly, most people will never see the social proof because the headline, sub-headline and bullets will be enough. But for those who need a little added incentive, nothing beats social proof for getting them off the fence and joining your list.

Two Step Opt-in versus One Step: Most squeeze pages use a one-step opt-in, where you see the form right there on the squeeze page.

But testing shows that two-step usually out-performs one-step. A two-step has a button on the squeeze page that says something like, “I want it!” or “Send me the report!” or “Download Now!”

Once the visitor clicks the button, the form appears for them to fill out. Hence the name “two step,” since it takes two steps to complete.

In a two-step, at the top of the form you can place a progress bar – one of those half-filled in bars that says you’re 50% done. The wording is usually something like, “Yes, I want the [fill in name of lead magnet!]. There is a space for their email address, and a button that says something like, “Get Instant Access.”

All of this is remarkably easy to do if you use a system such as Lead Pages or Optimize Press.

So why does a two-step convert better than a one-step?

Because you are initially asking for a smaller commitment, in that you’re only asking that they click a button.

But once they click the button, they have made a commitment to get the report, and thus they follow through.

It’s weird, I know, but human psychology is often strange and bizarre – hence the need to test things to see what works better.

Cover Images for cheap: If you want to save money when creating the image for your lead magnet, you can either use a program such as Canva, or you can head over to Fiverr and hire someone.

Cover Image just the way you want it: Go to Amazon and peruse the books. These could be books in your niche or any niche, for that matter. You’re looking for overall style and concept. When you find 2 or 3 that you like, show them to your graphic artist and explain what you like about them.

On Bullets: Spend time on these because one well-crafted bullet can make the difference between a person joining or not joining your list.

To make great bullets:

Be specific. Don’t tell them your lead magnet will make them money. Instead, tell then you’re going to show them the exact 12 word ad that netted you $$23,965.

Spark curiosity. You’re walking a fine line between being specific and making them curious. For example, The “You forgot” reminder trick that brings in an extra 344 subscribers to my list each week. People want to know what the ‘you forgot’ trick is.

Convey ease of use, or speed to results. Use your bullets to communicate how easy it will be to do [fill in blank] or how fast it’s going to happen once they know how.

Tell Them Why: Have a good reason why you need their email address to send them a report they could easily download without subscribing.

This one is controversial among online marketers. Many will tell you that your lead magnet must be something that can be immediately consumed, and I agree this is a good thing. If your new subscriber does watch your video or read your pdf, they now have a better sense of who you are and why they should continue to read your emails in the future.

However, when you ask for an email address in order to send them a pdf or video link, it becomes quite clear that you are harvesting their email address. After all, you could just as easily provide the download link without asking for their email.

This raises a red flag to many people, and actually makes it harder to convince them to give you their email.

But… if you offer an email course, then of course (no pun intended 😉 you need their email address.

Personally, I like to do both. I like to give them an immediate gift – perhaps telling them my favorite method of getting traffic – while also giving them an email course that they receive once per day for the next week or two.

This way they get an immediate benefit AND you have a very good reason for harvesting their email address.

Plus, people consume information best in small chunks. An email course gives you the perfect reason to appear in their email account each day, and it gets the reader used to opening and reading your emails as well.

In the example above where the immediate benefit was finding out my favorite method of driving traffic, the email course would be step-by-step HOW to implement that method.

See how they naturally tie together? It’s the best of both worlds.

Emphasize small investment of time, huge payoff: Your prospect is crazy BUSY. S/he isn’t looking for a 200 page pdf or a series of 12 videos. What they would love to have is a 2 page cheat sheet that tells them exactly how to fix the problem that is currently driving them crazy.

Less is more when it comes to lead magnets, and you need to emphasize on your squeeze page just how fast they can consume the info to get the payoff they seek.

Think of it this way – you want to let your prospect know they are getting something they will use, and not something they should use.

Fewer Fields = More Subscribers: Whenever possible, reduce form fields. The fewer fields there are on your form, the more likely people will fill it out.

Don’t believe me? Imagine a form that asks you for your first name, last name, phone number, email address and mailing address.

Now imagine a form that asks just for your email address.

Which one are you more likely to fill out?

Use Payoff Button Copy: Have you seen those buttons that say things like, “Sign up,” “Subscribe” and “Submit?” Ouch. Who wants to submit? No me and not your prospects, either.

Use your button copy to remind them of what they are getting and not that they have to do something.

Good examples are:

  • Send me my course now!

  • Send my free tips!

  • Get instant access!

  • Give me access now!

Test: Don’t take my word for anything above. While these are all proven, effective techniques, the fact is that different things can work in different niches. Once you’ve built your squeeze page, make it your control and test it against other pages.

Try changing the headline – even a small headline tweak can sometimes result in a significant change in conversions.

Test your sub-headlines and bullets.

Test your button copy.

Test two-step versus one-step.

And even test the lead magnet image, too.

One last thing, and I know I’ve said this before but it bears repeating – do not let the mechanics and technical aspect of setting up a squeeze page deter you for even a second.

You can either learn it, use a program such as Lead Pages, or simply hire someone to handle it for you.

There are multi-million dollar earners in the “how to market online” field who literally couldn’t build a squeeze page if they had to.

But that’s just it – they don’t have to. They hire someone to do it for them, so they can focus on the important aspects of running their business.

Outsourcing and delegating anything that’s not in your realm of expertise will do more to accelerate your business growth than almost anything else.

Set a deadline to have your squeeze page in place that’s no more than 7 days out. And then just get it done.

Next month we’ll cover how to get traffic on demand from Facebook, at which point you’ll be able to use the skills you’re learning to go into any market and create a list building machine in just days.

Stay tuned!

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List Building Money Making Machines, Part I

How to Create a Lead Magnet That Draws Subscribers and Customers to You Like… Well… A Magnet!

This month we’re going to start a four month series on how to build your own business using a lead magnet, a squeeze page and Facebook.

First we’ll start with creating the perfect lead magnet that targets your audience and makes them sign onto your list.

Then we’re going to cover exactly how to build a squeeze page or landing page that gets those visitors to say, “YES! Add me to your list NOW!”

In our third installment we’re going to cover how to get as much traffic as you want from Facebook.

Once you have learned all three of these skills, you can literally go into any market and create a list building machine in just days.

Better still, you can take it one step further and build a complete product funnel behind your lead magnet, offering a tripwire (low ticket) offer, followed by your main offer, followed by a big ticket item.

In fact we are going to cover all of that in month 4 of this series.

First, we better reveal what a lead magnet is. You know those freebies you get for subscribing to a list? Those are lead magnets.

They’re something offered as a free gift or enticement in exchange for an email address. And they’re the easiest, fastest way to build a list of target subscribers.

Remember this: The goal of any lead magnet is to convert traffic into leads.

While it’s true you can throw just about anything together and call it a lead magnet, it’s also true that the better (and more targeted) the lead magnet is, the easier it will be to build a profitable list.

A lead magnet doesn’t make money by itself. Yet working as your front line ambassador, they can be extremely lucrative.

As you know, there are three ways to grow a business:

  • Increase the number of customers

  • Increase the average transaction value per customer

  • Increase the number of transactions per customer

With the right lead magnet, you can increase the number of prospects and customers you have joining your list.

And with a well-targeted lead magnet, you can also increase the average transaction value and even the number of transactions per customer, by attracting the very best customers for your particular business.

As you go through the following sections, always think of your lead magnet as an irresistible bribe that will offer real value to your prospects.

Your lead magnet has to be so good, your prospects will ‘buy’ it with their email address.

It should be relevant to your niche and your offers.

It should be ultra-specific in what it gives to the user.

It should be priceless, in that the prospect can’t easily google the information and find it for themselves, or even buy it someplace else.

And it should be easily consumed, because you want the prospect to consume it immediately after they download it.

We’ll go through each of these in turn in a moment.

The point to remember right now is this: Your lead magnet is perhaps the single most important piece of your entire marketing system.

The right lead magnet will bring you a never ending stream of new prospects and soon-to-be customers.

The wrong lead magnet will bring either the wrong prospects for your offers, or no prospects at all.

Let’s get started:

Creating Your Lead Magnet

First we’re going to choose a specific market segment to target.

Then we’re going to craft your ‘promise.’

Next we’ll write the title and decide on the format.

And finally, we’re going to actually create your lead magnet.

Choosing Your Specific Market Segment

The biggest mistake I see people making is trying to be all things to all people in their lead magnet.

Let’s take the Internet Marketing niche as an example.

New marketers will write a lead magnet such as, “How to Make Tons of Money in Online Marketing.”

Evidently they are trying to target ALL people of all experiences trying to make money in all arenas online.

That’s a wide audience.

Another one might be, “How to be a great parent.” Parent to who? Newborn babies? Toddlers? Grade school age children? Teenagers? Children with special needs? Adopted children? Foster children?

It’s a cliché, but it’s true: When you try to be all things to all people, you’re nothing to nobody.

The more you can niche down your market segment, the more successful you will be.

This isn’t to say you can only service one tight niche. You can work in several different segments; you’ll just need to create several different lead magnets – one for each segment.

For example, let’s say you’re in the dating market. You could create a lead magnet targeted to:

  • Professional women in their late 20’s and 30’s looking for the perfect husband

  • Recently divorced men who haven’t dated in over a decade

  • Widows over 40 who are lonely but afraid to date again

  • Men who want to play the field

  • Women who want to date younger guys

  • And so forth.

Each of these segments have different fears, desires, challenges, motivations and so forth.

You could easily come up with a 100 possibilities, but it’s up to you to choose the right segment to target with your lead magnet.

Think about the exact segment of your market you want to write your lead magnet for.

When you’ve decided, move on to the next step.

Crafting your promise

You’ve chosen a specific segment of your market in the previous step. Now it’s time to make them a promise.

The goal here is to enter the conversation already happening in your prospect’s mind.

Ask yourself what their concerns are. What are their fears? What do they want most of all?

What conversation are they likely already having, and how can you enter that conversation with a promise?

What value can you give them that will be irresistible to where they are in life right now?

The value in your lead magnet should be ultra-specific and easy to consume.

No mega-courses here. No 200 page books, either.

You want your prospect to consume your lead magnet immediately when they receive it. If you send them a 200 page book, they’ll almost certainly set it aside for later.

And later almost never comes.

How can you demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about and that you’re an authority, if they never consume the lead magnet?

And another thing about writing entire 200 page books to use as lead magnets – what if you’re wrong? What if you pick the wrong niche to target, pick the wrong topic to talk about or pick the wrong promise to make? You’ve just wasted all that time when you could have found out much quicker with a short lead magnet.

Your goal is to create tremendous stand-alone value, but without getting complex or long.

Let’s do some examples from our dating niche:

  • Professional women in their late 20’s and 30’s looking for the perfect husband – These women know what they want and they don’t have time to waste. You might promise to show them how to immediately filter out all the losers who will waste their time and find the hidden gems who will make excellent life partners.

  • Recently divorced men who haven’t dated in over a decade – these guys have been out of circulation long enough that they’re forgotten how to successfully approach women. Plus they’re worried that things have changed, times have changes, dating has changed. So you might promise to show them 3 simple techniques to start a great conversation with any woman, regardless of how out of practice they might be.

  • Widows over 40 who are lonely but afraid to date again – they’re feeling guilty about dating, dating seems scary to them, they don’t have a clue how to go about dating and they wonder if maybe they’re going to be alone for the rest of their lives. They need to take things very slow at first. So you might promise to show them how to find guys to be friends with first, and see if things progress from there.

You’ve already got your target audience, so now you’ll want to write down some ideas of the promises you can make.

Once you’ve got your list, pick one. If you’re afraid it might be the wrong one, or you’re procrastinating because you’re trying to get this perfect, them just pick one.

You can always change it later.

Write the title to your lead magnet

Headlines and titles might account for as much as 80% of your lead magnet’s success rate.

Have you ever run across a lead magnet offer that sounded good, but… the title just didn’t quite push you over the edge into giving your email address?

And have you ever seen a lead magnet title that had you racing to give your email address without even thinking about it?

Naturally your goal will be to get your prospects racing to fill out the opt-in form without giving it a second thought, because they want your lead magnet SO BAD and they can’t believe you’re giving it way for FREE.

If you have a lot of experience in writing subject lines, blog post titles and so forth, then you’re ahead of the game on this.

If headline writing is new to you, you’ll want to do some research on how to write a great headline.

Frankly, entire BOOKS can be written on this subject alone.

But if you look inside this month’s newsletter, you’ll find an article on how to quickly write great headlines using headline templates.

Example: Remember our promise to Professional women in their late 20’s and 30’s looking for the perfect guy – we promised to show them how to immediately filter out all the losers who will waste their time and find the hidden gems who will make excellent life partners.

Our headline might be, “Professional Gals Only: How to Find Your Perfect Guy without Wasting Time on Losers, Deadbeats and Jerks”

You might want to write several headlines and then whittle it down to 2 or 3 to test later.

Decide on what type of lead magnet you’re going to create

The tough part is over.

You’ve chosen your market segment, made a promise and written a headline or two or three.

Now you’re going to decide what format you’ll use to deliver your lead magnet.

Remember you want to keep it simple. Play to your strengths and choose something that will be consumed quickly.

Here are the different types of lead magnets to choose from:

Report or Guide: This could be just a few pages in PDF format. It’s the most common type of lead magnet and a great way to convey information with precision.

Cheat Sheet, Mindmaps and Blueprints: These are generally short, just one or two pages, and get straight to the point.

Resource List: There are times when this works really well. It could be a list of resources for buying products, getting things done and whatever works. The key is that the information is valuable to the end user.

Curated Guide: This can be all the best articles on a very specific topic, or a list of articles that guides a person through a process. And you don’t even have to write the articles yourself.

Case Study: This can be delivered in PDF format, video, etc. The key is you’re showing how someone was able to accomplish a certain task, what they did and the results they got.

Video: This can be a short training, a case study, a really good story that teaches something… frankly, you’re only limited by your imagination and the promise you made to your prospects.

Coupon or Free Shipping: If you have a retail store, you might consider giving a discount to new customers, or offering free shipping in exchange for their email address.

Quizzes and Assessment Tests: Give away a free quiz that tells something about the person taking it, and then collect the email address in exchange for the results.

Software: You can give away a piece of software (assuming you have the rights) as your lead magnet. Done correctly, this can be a great way to get exactly the leads/subscribers you’re looking for. For example, if you want to attract bloggers, you could give away a WordPress plugin that does something awesome for blogs.

Software Free Trial: If you’re selling software as a service, then a free trial is a great way to introduce that software to exactly the people most likely to buy it. And you’ll sell a lot more copies, too, by first giving away a free trial.

Choose which type of lead magnet you’re going to create, and we’ll move on to the next step.

Let’s Create Your Lead Magnet!

We’ve tested lead magnets and found several consistent qualities of the really successful ones.

And while your lead magnet does not need hit the target for every one of these criteria, the more you can achieve, the better.

One Big Benefit: Your lead magnet should deliver one big thing to your subscribers, rather than a bunch of smaller things.

For example, instead of offering the big encyclopedia of internet marketing, you might offer the one breakthrough method that netted you $143,548 in 6 months, or the one traffic trick that sent 54,032 targeted visitors to your site last month.

Specificity: The more specific your lead magnet promise is, the better. The promise should be compelling to the people you are targeting.

Notice in the examples above we didn’t offer to show them how to make money – we offered to show them how we netted $143,548.

And we didn’t offer a traffic method – we offered a method that drove 54,032 visitors in one month.

The End Result: Your readers are searching for a specific outcome. So the question is, does your lead magnet get them closer to achieving that result?

For example, if they’re looking to get their child into college, you might offer a calculator that shows them how much they need to save each year, based on the child’s current age.

Relationships Building: Your lead magnet should set you or your business up as the authority they can trust.

This is easy to do if you’re giving them great content that solves an immediate problem they have.

Instant Gratification: Is your lead magnet delivered immediately? It should be.

They opt into your list, and the next page tells them to either download it or check their email for the download or access link.

High Perceived Value: While your lead magnet might only be a PDF or a video, the content itself should be immediately valuable to the new subscriber.

If it’s something they would willingly pay for, then you know you’ve hit the mark.

Fast Consumption: Your lead magnet should be something that can be consumed in 20 minutes or less. Here’s why:

When you set up your entire funnel, it will hopefully consist of a lead magnet, followed by a small (trip wire) offer for a low price.

If they take this trip wire offer, you’ll immediately make your core offer.

If they take the core offer, you’ll immediately offer your big ticket item.

For example, you offer a free lead magnet on one easy trick to curb procrastination.

You follow this up with a $7 ebook on 7 methods to get more done in less time.

Next is a $47 offer to forever curb procrastination in 30 days.

And finally you offer one-on-one coaching for $300 on how to use all this new found time to create a bigger, better, richer life.

Do you see why we want them to consume our lead magnet fast? We want them to use it, love it and want more. That way when we immediately offer more, they’re ready to buy.

Delivering Your Lead Magnet

If you don’t already have an email service such as Aweber or GetRepsonse, you’ll need to do this now.

If you’d like to start for free, try Mailchimp. Their smaller plan is free and you won’t pay until you upgrade later.

ConvertKit is a new email service to consider, and bloggers love it for how easy it is to initially set up as well as to segment your lists.

Your email service will provide opt-in boxes that you can place on your website in various places, as well as creating a landing page / squeeze page.

If you do have a website of your own, place your lead magnet in the sidebar, after each post, in the header or the Hello Bar, as well as a Pop-up Opt-in such as OptiMonk or OptinMonster.

Next month we’re going to go in depth on how to create a great landing page that gets you plenty of subscribers.

After all, even if you have the world’s best lead magnet, it won’t do you any good if you can’t properly articulate the value to your prospects so they sign up onto your list.

The month after that we will show you how to get all the traffic you want from Facebook.

Putting these three modules together, you will be able to go into any niche and create a hot lead magnet, create the squeeze page that will gather people onto your list and drive as much traffic to that page as you want.

You can then send these new subscribers through your sales funnel, as well as continuing to market to them through email.

Finally, in month 4 we’ll show you how to monetize your new funnel with a tripwire offer, a main offer and a big ticket upsell item.

See you next month!

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$1,000 Per Week In Offline ‘Ready-made’ Websites

Case Study:

$1,000 Per Week In Offline ‘Ready-made’ Websites


One of the problems of working with brick and mortar type businesses is continually having to work on things like SEO. Sure, you charge a monthly fee for the services, but that makes it harder to sell, too.

But what if there was a quick and easy way to make offline cash, AND generate a monthly recurring income, too?

One gal I know is doing just that. She makes excellent money upfront – generally $1200 or more before expenses, and she gets a monthly recurring fee, too, paid to her automatically.

Here’s what she does:

She chose a niche – in her case, local contractors who work directly with homeowners – and focuses exclusively on that niche. However, she does this all over the country, not just in her home city. This way she never runs out of prospects.

When it comes to local contractors, she works with plumbers, electricians, handymen services, carpenters, yard care services, roofers and painters.

She’s looking only for contractors that homeowners hire one-on-one. This is important, because contractors that work mainly as subcontractors and get all their work through other contractors aren’t a good fit for her business model.

She picks a city and starts searching for each of the different types of contractors, looking for the ones that have a lousy looking website or even no website at all.

When she finds these contractors, she contacts them and offers them a ready-made website.


Now here’s where it gets really interesting – when I say ready-made, I mean the site is already made. She’s already had it built, complete with the contractor’s info, photos, contact numbers and everything.

The contractor, who generally knows nothing about websites, is typically blown away. Here’s a gorgeous website complete with all his info, ready to go. All he has to do is pay for the site and it’s live within 24 hours, ready to send him new customers.

Now here’s the trick: The sites are all built using the same WordPress theme. And even more importantly, every site can easily be switched from one business to another.

So for example, if Bob the plumber doesn’t buy the site, it’s no problem. Simply swap out the photos, name and contact information to another plumber and offer it to him. It takes less than 30 minutes, and probably half that amount of time after you’ve done a few of them.

Let’s talk numbers:

How many contractors buy the website? Usually about 4 to 5 out of 10. This means you might have to contact 2.5 contractors to make one sale. Still, those are excellent numbers.

What should you charge for the website? Totally up to you, of course. It’s going to partially depend on the niche you choose, but $1000 to $1500 is reasonable. But even if you only charge half of that, you’ll do fine.


Yes, you can outsource the website building and the website ‘switching’ if a site doesn’t sell. Find someone who can turn these around quickly and pay a little extra – it’s worth it.

If you sell one of these a week, you can profit about $1,000, depending on what you charge and your outsourcing costs.

But of course, who says you should only sell one? Sell 20 if you like.

Residual income?

Yes, you can charge a monthly fee for hosting, and also for the URL if you own it. Keep the fee reasonable – $25 to $50 a month, for example. Sell 100 sites and you’ve got a $2,500 to $5,000 a month residual income.

Remember, what you charge is between you and the customer, and it’s negotiable, too.

How to sell a site:

If you’re comfortable calling on the phone, then simply call them up and let them know you’ve built a website for them. That will get their attention.

If possible, have them go to the URL while you are on the phone with them, and verbally guide them through all the features of the website, explaining how it will grow their reputation and business.

If you’re not comfortable on the phone, then you can use email. This isn’t quite as effective, but it can still work. Email them and let them know you built them a website, giving them the URL.

Be sure to put your phone number in there, so they can call you and you can get it transferred over to their domain. When they call, walk them through the website, explain the features and benefits and close the deal.

Third option: If you are one of those folks who HATES selling ANYTHING on the phone – and you know who you are – then you can visit them in person and show them the website on your laptop.

Fourth option: If you are one of those folks who just plain hates SELLING, then hire someone to do the selling for you. It should be someone already in sales who is looking to make a few extra bucks.

Obviously this won’t be a full time gig – not even close – but for every sale they make you’ll pay them $X amount of money.

If you go with this fourth option, I suggest the following: Build several sites at once for several different businesses. This way you can send your sales person several jobs to sell at once, making it much more lucrative for him or her.

And of course you will still repurpose the ones that don’t get sold, tailoring them for other businesses so nothing ever goes to waste.

Things to Know:

Adding 3 to 5 short articles makes the site even more powerful. For example, for plumbing you might have articles on ‘how to choose a good plumber,’ ‘how to know when you need a plumber and when you can fix something yourself,’ ‘how to do an easy plumbing job yourself’ and so forth.

The articles should be 90% helpful and at most 10% salesy. The point is to make the contractor look like the helpful, honest person he or she hopefully is.

Take photos from their current website and use those on the new website. Yes, it’s that easy. You can also throw in come stock photos, as well.

And of course if they don’t already have a website or a Facebook page, then you’ll need to use all stock photos.

Once you sell them a ready-made website, it’s easy to also sell them things like SEO if you want to.

Niches to consider:

Contractors, obviously. But restaurants are good, too. Any service industry is good – for example, massage therapists.

Some people will want to target chiropractors, lawyers, doctors, etc., but keep in mind that professionals who make a lot of money often already have great looking websites.

Your ideal market is one where the business reaches out to customers, not to other businesses. And where they often have lousy, out of date websites.

Now just imagine this:

You have your website builder make a dozen or more sites each week.

You or your sales person makes the calls to sell those sites, and 6 of them get sold at $1200 apiece.

You pay your website builder $100 to $200 per site, and if you’re employing a salesperson, you pay them the same.

At the end of the week you have grossed a cool $7200 minus fees paid to your website builder (and your sales person, if you use one.) Plus you have six or more sites already built that simply need to be switched over to new businesses.

Of course, you can always build and sell the sites yourself, in which case the entire $7200 is yours.

The following week, you get 12 more sites ready, plus you have the six repurposed sites. Half of them sell - making 9 sales - which is $10,800 gross. Plus you have 9 more sites that simply need to be repurposed, and so forth.

And you’re also charging small monthly ongoing fees for hosting, too, which adds up over time.

Do you see the potential?

Of course your results will vary. You might only charge $1,000, or you might charge $1500. You might sell 50% of your sites, or you might sell fewer than that.

Regardless of the details, this is a powerful formula for making excellent money in the offline world without having to sweat things like local SEO.

And of course once you build a relationship with your new customers, you can always sell the other services as well.

NOTE: Some of you might be wondering how difficult it is to sell a ready made website for a business at $1,000 to 1,500, so I’d thought I’d share what happened to me yesterday…

I was talking to this guy who is a professional manager. He wants to start a personal political blog (nothing to do with his regular job) and wanted to know who he could hire to build this blog for him.

I asked what his budget was, and I kid you not… he said he “knew” he would have to spend at least $1,000 to get someone to set up a blog for him. And he didn’t want to go higher than $1500.

For a WordPress blog!

I told him I thought I knew someone… 😉

A suggestion:

Focus your energies on building this business, rather than working IN this business. Unless you are already super fast at building great looking websites, hire someone who is fast and very, very good.

You can use the same one or two WordPress themes over and over again to streamline the operation.

And pick one main niche to focus on. Don’t start out trying to build sites for chiropractors AND plumbers AND massage therapists… just pick one and get really good at it.

Then and only then do you branch out to other professions.

Take careful notes of what works and what doesn’t. Go back to your customers and ask what specifically made them buy the website. Also ask what made them hesitate, too. You want to find out their objections so you can overcome them before your next sales presentations.

Don’t sweat it when someone says no. You are going to get plenty no’s, but as you do this you’re also going to get more and more yes’s. It’s just part of the sales game.

Don’t focus solely on your local area. You can build sites for any professional anywhere in your country. Don’t go outside of your own country, at least at first, because people tend to have a greater mistrust for anyone outside of their country.

Build a website for your business. Your website should explain who you are and have plenty of photos of you and your team.

Write short articles for your site that explains the importance of having a great looking, professional website if you’re a plumber, or massage therapist, or whatever profession you’re targeting.

Tips to building a great professional

looking website:

Have a consistent brand identity. Use their logo throughout, as well using the same colors, fonts and so forth. Let them know you can change the colors, too, if they like.

Capture inbound leads. Many small business people still don’t know the importance of capturing leads, so place an optin form on every page. Then explain to the prospect why the form is there and how it will increase their business. If they choose to keep it, you can even maintain their list for them, for an additional fee.

Be mobile-friendly. This just about goes without saying, but we thought we better add it to the list. Your websites MUST look as good on mobile as they do on other devices.

Tell their story and make them the hero. Perhaps nothing will sell your sites faster than telling their story. Now of course, you might not KNOW their story, but you can certainly take a guess. “I became a massage therapist because I love making people feel great. And when they feel great, they can accomplish so much more. Their interactions with their family and friends are better and more loving, their…” You get the idea. Make your professional or small business person sound like a hero and you will sell the site.

Use as many photos of their actual business as you can. If they already have a website, pull photos from that, as well as their Facebook page and anything else you can find online.

Oddly enough, your first goal is to impress the person you’re selling the site to (your customer) and not their end user. If you keep this in mind, you’ll do fine. For example, use any motto, slogan or headline they already have, such as “McGuiver and Sons Plumbing, Serving Cincinnati Since 1984.” They’re proud of this and they want to see it plastered big and bold on their site.

If you find testimonials online for their business, copy and paste them onto the website. You might find these on any of the review type of websites, such as Google, Yelp, Yahoo and so forth. Obviously you will only use the positive reviews and not the negative ones.

If they have social media accounts, go ahead and link to those on the website.

Place a strong call to action on each page, such as “Call 800-555-1234 to schedule your consultation today.” When you talk to the future site owner on the phone, you can point out how this can increase their inbound calls.

Finally, keep it fairly simple and do it the same way each time. If you’re continuously having to invent a new website every time, it’s going to take too long.

Instead, spend time coming up with the perfect site, and then simply swap out the information each time for each site. Switch the info, the colors, the testimonials, the photos, etc., so that each site looks unique, yet it’s really the same ‘formula’ used over and over again.

This will keep it simple and fast for you or your website builder, and you won’t forget elements from one website to the next.

Now Let’s Make this Business Model Even MORE Lucrative:

I always like to have an upsell. Sometimes an upsell to my upsell, even.

But in this case, what I’m about to suggest can be used as an upsell OR even as a downsell.

For example, you contact a business owner and show them the groovy website you made for them. They decide not to buy. But hey, you’ve established some rapport with them, so…

You offer them something just as valuable, only cheaper. They maybe feel bad that they didn’t buy the website that you spent hours and hours building for them (hey, they don’t need to know it took your outsourcer 30 minutes to do it.)

Plus, you’re offering such a terrific value, it would be stupid for them to say no.

Or… they DO buy the website you built for them. They have visions of how their business is going to take off now because of the website. They’ve agreed to a low monthly hosting fee. They’re definitely in a buying state of mind, so why not offer them an amazing deal that doesn’t cost much, right?

Of course!

So what is this upsell / downsell I’m talking about?

Okay, first let’s assume that you are targeting only contractors, or only restaurants, or only massage therapists… in other words, you are focusing on ONE niche.

And let’s further say that you’ve done your research on this niche.

You’ve Googled their profession, learned all about them, and maybe even Googled “Contractor marketing advice” or “Restaurant marketing advice,” etc.

You’ve also developed (okay, this does involve some work) an online marketing membership site just for their niche.

For example, “Marketing for restaurant owners,” or “Marketing for massage therapists.”

Mind you, 95% of your marketing advice is going to be the exact same advice you would give to any business or professional. You’ll just be inserting their language and terminology, as well as tailoring it a bit to their niche.

You teach social media, list building, SEO, lead generation, etc. Most of your content can come from quality PLR sources; just remember to customize it.

Add a private Facebook page or forum where they can ask questions and network.

You sell this monthly membership for whatever you want. I recommend $47 - $97 a month, because it’s a good price point for a business. It’s not so much that they worry about it, but it’s big enough that you are making a good profit, even in the beginning when you only have your first handful of members.

You might even make them a deal where if they remain an active member for a certain length of time (a year?) then from that point on their membership is FREE.

What a deal!

You are teaching them everything they need to know about marketing their business at a price that is truly affordable. How can they say no?

Remember, you offer this to EVERY business person you contact, regardless of whether or not they buy the site you built for them.

So even if they don’t buy the site, if they take the membership offer at $97 for 12 months (and then it’s free) you’ve still made $1,164, which is probably close to what you’re charging for the sites.


But wait, there’s more…

What if you approach offline marketers who deal with people in your niche, and let them act as affiliates for your membership site?

They make sales and you split the monthly residual 50/50 with them.

This move alone can put another 5 figures into your pocket each year.

And by the way, you can outsource the entire thing.

Don’t you just love marketing?

I know I do!!!

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Sales Funnel Blueprint

Introducing Sales Funnel Blueprint

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You Will Learn Things Like:

How to Create Your Sales Funnel in a specific design that will deliver results on EPIC proportions!

By epic proportions meaning High Conversions, High EPCs. And if by chance you identify yourself as a newbie, that's perfectly fine. In fact, that's the most ideal thing to happen as you can get started on a clean slate...

... And I will show you how to create an online business that is destined for high profits and high scalability!

How to Create an Irresistible Front-End Offer

The ingredients of creating absolute no-brainer deals your customers cannot refuse. This is just as crucial as any other part in the sales funnel and if you have problems selling even your initial product, the missing puzzle is here.

I will show you how to product value-enhancing, problem-solving offers that will make people whip out their credit cards and buy from you NOW and not any later.

How to Create a String of High Converting Upsells

The secret to supercharging your sales funnel is in this jam-packed Module alone. Here's how to take advantage of your buyer's buying trance and get them to shop with you MORE in this narrow window of opportunity.

How to Close An Extra 10% to 20% More Sales...

... And with no extra effort or product creation I must add.

This little hack has helped many marketers grow their sales by an extra 10% to 20% margin, which otherwise would have been money left on the table.

How to Create Big Ticket Backend Offers

This is the game of the big boys. I will show you how to seek out high potential high ticket clients from your buyers list even after all the buying frenzy is over... and charge anywhere from $300 to $3,000 per pop (did you know you can still go HIGHER?)

Which is awesome, because selling a $3,000 package beats selling 300 copies of $10 products!

If high converting Upsells help you grow a 6 figure yearly business, THIS will put you in the 7 figure range when you execute it right.

How to Create A Loyal Following Of Buyers...

Who will buy and shop at your command. For most people, the sale ends when customers pay them. Not for top guns. These top guys know that if you want to create repeatable income streams, you need to build a LOYAL following.

And if you want to get into the major league discover how to build loyalty and have your first time customers pledge allegiance to you for a long time to come.

And Ultimately... The Intricate Details On How to Set Up Your Sales Funnel!

You will be guided on how to set up a sales funnel on JVZoo! While you can use just about any digital marketplace, I recommend JVZoo as a starting point for most marketers due to its ease of use, convenience of access - and when everything is all set, get ready for the big paydays!

Click Here To Download "Sales Funnel Blueprint" For Free!

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This is Internet Marketing for Business People!

  • Discover everything you need to know to start running a massively successful business in your spare time
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SEO Ranking Research Tools

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Lead Generation For Beginers
Lead Generation For Beginers

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